Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Eight Mile Rock Church


Who Are We


Who We Are

Making Disciples in a Healthy and Personal Church Environment

We are a Bible-based teaching church and would love to help you grow.  We are Seventh-day Adventists and are part of a world-wide church family of believers. We believe in leading souls towards Calvary by evangelizing and spreading the gospel and sharing the warmth of the love of God with a personal touch with all in our commumnity, to help them experoence a better quality of life through a connection with Jesus. 

We are commited to serve God, and offer relevant ministries to meet church and community needs. 

We offer a worship service with a warm, relaxing and spirit-filled experience.  

We are unapologetic in preaching the good news of the gospel about the three angels' message found in Revelation and the love of Jesus.  Each weekend you will hear the love of Jesus for us in the message presented by one of the leaders on our pastoral team.  Check out our service time, as we would love to have you be our guest.

Being taught the Word of God on a regular basis is essential to growing in your Christian walk. You can find out more about our beliefs by reading our Statement of Faith.